Tai Chi Classes

Say goodbye to sweating, puffing and panting. Say hello to feeling cool, calm, refreshed and energised.

Tai Chi also known as the Perfect Exercise is a series of movements practiced slowly with concentration and intention. Although practiced as a martial art, Tai Chi is used predominantly for its health and healing benefits.

Daily practice of Tai Chi can eliminate tension and stress, improving health and lifestyle. The advantage of this ancient art is that its simple basic principles are most practical and functional in our life.

A form of exercise that anyone from young and old people can practice safely. Sifu Raymond teaches authentic Yang Style Tai Chi to its Members and Corporates.

Monthly Group Classes

Many options to suit your schedule

  • We have weekday and weekend classes.
  • New students are requested to call ahead prior to attending a class.
  • Bookings: Call Bonnie – 072 213 2478
Tai Chi Syllabus

Yang Style Tai Chi Forms

Hand Forms

  • 12 Steps Hand Form
  • 24 Steps Hand Form
  • 40 Steps Hand Form
  • 88 Steps Hand Form

Weapon Forms

  • 32 Steps Straight Sword
  • 56 Steps Straight Sword
  • 36 Steps Broadsword

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