Massage Therapy

Dit Da is the ancient Chinese art of treating external injuries through the use of traditional medicinal liniments.

Literally translated into English as “Fall and Hit Medicine”, Dit Da deals with both the prevention and treatment of injuries such as bruises, dislocated joints, fractures, sprains, injured ligaments and tendons.

With its origins in Kung Fu training and tradition, Dit Da developed from the need to treat injuries sustained during physical contact and conditioning. It has evolved over hundreds of years, being passed down from master to disciple for generations.

Massage Therapy Sessions

Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the main components of this traditional massage therapy is Dit Da Jow – the Chinese herbal liniment that is used to deal with a myriad of soft tissue and bone injuries. It is a mixture of more than a dozen medicinal herbal plants that have been put into an alcohol suspension and given time to ferment.

It helps to promote your own body’s healing methods and is ideal for treating bruises, sprains, pulled tendons or muscles, bone bruises, and other uses. For martial arts practitioners it is perfect for toughening the striking surfaces of the body, hardening bones and Iron Palm training.

Massage Therapy Sessions



  • With traditional Dit Da Jow herbal liniment.



  • With Traditional Chinese Medicine liniments and oils.



  • Traditional Chinese Massage.

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