Kung Fu Classes

A Jow Ga Kung Fu student is a complete, well-rounded martial artist.

This programme has been designed to build on basic stances and kicks so that more complex combinations of techniques can be done as they progress. Students will learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, and self-control. They will also develop an increase in strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility.

Discipline and self-confidence will come from the training given in classes, which will challenge the children’s physical and mental abilities to develop strong moral character for the real life challenges ahead of them.

Jow Ga is a very physical style. Every class begins with stretching and an active warm up to promote flexibility and develop strength. Beginning students are advised not to worry if they feel out of shape because regular training will develop strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and stamina more quickly than usually expected.

Monthly Group Classes


  • We have weekday and weekend classes.
  • New students are requested to call ahead prior to attending a class.
  • For information on bookings and fees: Call Bonnie – 072 213 2478
Jow Ga Kung Fu Syllabus


Hand Forms

  • Siu Fok Fu Kuen
  • Siu Hung Kuen
  • Law Hon Kuen
  • Say Ping Kuen
  • Chai Jong Kuen
  • Ying Jao Kuen
  • Fa Kuen
  • Man Gi Kuen
  • Di Foak Fu Kuen
  • Kwok Chi Kuen
  • Fu Pao Kuen
  • Siu Fok Fu Kuen Dhui Chai

Weapon Forms

  • Bat Gwa Double Headed Staff
  • Mui Fa Broadsword
  • Mui Fa Spear
  • Double Dagger
  • Fu Mei Broadsword
  • Mui Fa Double Broadsword
  • Butterfly Knife
  • Nine Rings Broadsword
  • Big Fork
  • Till Tao
  • Dai Bat Gwa Single Head Staff

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