Sifu Raymond

From Student to Master

Sifu Raymond Keung spent over 30 years mastering Jow Ga Kung Fu in his native home of Hong Kong. Upon immigrating to South Africa in 2003, he founded Jow Ga Kung Fu South Africa, dedicated to teaching this traditional form of Chinese Kung Fu.

Sifu Raymond Keung

Life in Hong Kong

Born on 24 July 1959 in Hong Kong, Sifu Raymond started practicing Jow Ga in 1973. Initially resistant to the idea, he was encouraged by his father to join a Kung Fu school to improve his strength and overcome his introversion. When he got to class he realised that he already knew some of his students. His mind opened to it and he began to love Kung Fu.

Under the tutelage of Master Ho Lok he was taught the correct body posture and low stances. The training was intense and arduous but provided the perfect foundation for a skilled Jow Ga Kung Fu practitioner.

Continuous Learning

Sifu sought out another Master from whom he could acquire more knowledge. So began the next journey of learning under Master Yip Chi Wah, a Kung Fu Master who’s lineage followed that of Jow Biu. Here Sifu expanded his knowledge of hand, weapon and set fighting forms. His dedication to this Martial Art combined with his unique memory lead him to be known as the “Dictionary of Jow Ga Forms”. To this day, it is something from which all his student benefit greatly.

“When I got to the school, I realised I knew some of my classmates, and my mind opened to it. I began to love Kung Fu.”

Sifu Raymond Keung

Sifu Raymond Teaching a Student

Journey to South Africa

Accompanied by his wife and two young children, he arrived in South Africa in early 2003. Soon thereafter, wishing to continue the tradition of teaching Kung Fu, he established the Jow Ga Kung Fu Athletic Association of South Africa.

His approach to teaching instils commitment, diligence, consistent study and practice. Something which has earned Sifu a loyal following of students. There are two Jow Ga Kung Fu schools in South Africa.

Sifu Raymond’s Lineage

Kung Fu lineage refers to the passage of knowledge from one generation to another in an unbroken line. Lineage means what is being taught has a history and method that has been developed and tested over generations of Kung Fu Masters and students. It means you are following in the footsteps of the founders of Jow Ga Kung Fu.

As Jow Ga Kung Fu continued to be spread by the brothers of founder Jow Lung, they each had a slightly different interpretation of style and form. Although still one family of Kung Fu, each of The Five Tigers’ lineages can be said to vary slightly.

Sifu Raymond’s lineage follows Jow Biu, the brother who was chosen to assume leadership of Jow Ga Kung Fu after Jow Lung’s untimely death. Being a Fifth Generation descendant, Sifu Raymond’s lineage follows (in ascending order), Yip Chi Wah, Bau Siu Keung, Lee Ngau, Jow Biu and finally to Jow Lung.

Sifu Raymond Keung's Jow Ga Kung Fu Lineage

“I relish teaching [Jow Ga Kung Fu] and interview prospective students. I want to teach good, honest people. There’s no anger or arrogance. My class is a happy class.”

Sifu Raymond Keung

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