The Lion Dance

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We do a lot of lion dance performances throughout the year for various occasions and corporate events.

A bit of history on lion dance:

Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in chinese culture and is most often seen during times of celebration. Lion dance performances can usually be seen at big events, such as Chinese New Year, openings of stores or even chinese themed events.

The lion dance is often mistaken for the dragon dance, many people do not know the difference but an easy way to know the difference is that a lion is operated by 2 people, usually kungfu practicioners while the dragon is operated by many (at least 15 people).

Lion dance is very traditional and it most forms of Chinese martial arts you will be able to learn this art. Today lion dance has evolved and has become a sport where competitions are help in parts of Asia. This is very intesive and lion dancers usually have to perform a multitude of acts such as leaping from high areas and poles.

The lions are said to bring good luck and prosperity. In Chinese culture it is also believed that the lions ward off evil spirits. In China Town (during Chinese new year) you will usually see Chinese cabbages or lettuce dangled from a shop or lying on the floor. This is done to attract the lion to the owners shop so as to bring good luck. It is especially lucky if the lion puts your head inside its mouth, this is why often people will prepare red packets (with money as an offering) to give to the lion.

As part of the lion dance, you will usually find specially trained percussionists and a drummer. The drum represents the lions heartbeat and must be played continuously throughout the lion dance (while the lion is moving around).

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